Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Please read this carefully. 
Although our WI is a small organisation and, as a membership organisation, exempt from many of the provisions of Data Protection legislation, we still need to reassure you that your personal information is safe with us.

What data do we hold about you? 
1.      Your name
2.      An address where the WI can send written material to you
3.      Email address (if applicable)
4.      Telephone numbers: your home land-line number, and/or your mobile.  
5.      In some cases, information about members’ including special dietary requirements, mobility issues and birthdays.

Why do we collect and keep this data?
The information is essential for us to maintain your membership, to communicate with you and to arrange events and outings. Examples include monthly Email Newsletters and attendance lists for outings.

Who keeps the data and how is it stored and used?
The primary guardian of your personal information is our Membership and MCS Secretary, Claire Vardon.  Claire keeps the NFWI MCS (Membership Communication System) list and forwards data to the NFWI to ensure central records are kept. This enables you to receive WI Life and any other wider benefits of WI membership. The Secretary of the East Sussex Federation also has access to MCS data.  

Groombridge WI Committee members can access a Groombridge WI membership list via email. This includes your names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers. We need these to contact you.

All data held electronically is stored on secure, cloud-based software, accessed by password protected computers and devices. Virus prevention software is installed and kept updated.

Event/outings organisers will use attendance registers, which include your name, your mobile phone number and your emergency contact number.  These lists will be printed and then shredded after the event.
Large group emails will be sent to you using BCC (Blind Copy) to ensure that email addresses are not disclosed.  
We will not share your personal details with any individual or organisation without your specific consent.
We do not allow our membership list to be used for marketing purposes.
Your personal contact information is not shared on social media, or reproduced in any written publication, without your consent.

Groombridge WI Committee Members use Siteground/Wordpress to manage the Groombridge WI website and Mailchimp to send out the monthly member’s newsletter. We store member’s names and email addresses with both of these third-party software providers in order to communicate with you. If a member leaves Groombridge WI, their details are immediately deleted from these systems. 

Your rights in relation to the information we hold about you
At any time, you have a right to see any information we hold about you. Please contact the Membership Secretary or the President.
You have the right to change any information we hold about you, and to have any historical information deleted from our records.
You can be removed from our lists, but this will also mean being removed from WI membership.

What we ask of you
If any of your details change, please let us know as soon as you can.

Groombridge WI Committee July 2018

Our contact details
AddressGroombridge Village Hall,
Station Road
PhoneSarah Merriman, 07711 286776